Online Therapy

I work with people who are trying to making sense of their place in the world, exploring questions of meaning, purpose and identity.

If you're considering therapy, you may know what you want to work on, but feel stuck, frustrated, or in need of some help. You may know that something's not right, but not know where to start.

I've worked with individuals with ADHD, autism, and other neurodivergent ways of being for 15 years. I take a creative integrative approach to therapy - promoting individual freedom and diversity, while avoiding pathologizing, condescension, or coercion.

Psychotherapy is a space for you to discuss what's on your mind in a non-judgemental collaborative setting. My job as a therapist is to help you explore and reflect on your situation, hearing your point of view with compassion, honesty, and respect.

This is a chance to tell your story, and make sense of what it means.


Free initial consultation

It's important to make an informed choice and find the right therapist for you, so I'm happy to offer a free 20 minute initial consultation.

This is an opportunity to ask me any questions you have about therapy and what it would be like to work together, and make sure you feel it's a good fit.

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