I'm thinking about therapy, how do I get started?

You can book an initial consultation online via this link or send me a message through my contact form - This will give us a chance to discuss what brings you to therapy, how I work, and what it might be like to work together.

If you decide to proceed with therapy, we can agree times and fees, and we'll be ready to start..

What are your fees?

My fees are £50-£75 for all sessions finishing before 6:00pm.

  • Evening sessions are charged at the full rate, due to limited availability.

Do you offer concessionary rates?

I am able to provide concessionary rates (£25-50) for up to 6 months of therapy, however there may be a waiting list for these sessions.

How long does therapy last?

How long therapy takes depends on a number of factors, e.g. your goals in therapy, your current life circumstances, frequency of therapy. The duration of therapy can vary from a few weeks to a few years.

Some small problems may be solved in a number of weeks or months, but deep psychological change or more complex problems may take much longer.

I often suggest to start with an initial course of 8 sessions, with a review at session 6. This allows us to unpack what's going on, get an understanding of your story, and potentially address some simple issues.

After these initial 8 sessions, you may be ready to wrap up and finish, or you will at least have an idea of what a longer course of therapy may look like, and how you would like to proceed.

I work shifts / I can't attend regular sessions - can you schedule around this?

Yes. We can discuss what timetable arrangement could work for you. If you have some regularity we may be able to arrange a schedule that repeats every fortnight or month, or if you have very unpredictable shifts we may be able to book ad-hoc sessions.

Is therapy confidential?

All information shared in therapy is confidential, with a few exceptions as required by law.

I may also share some details of therapy with my supervisor for professional purposes.

Exceptions to confidentiality will be specified in the therapy agreement, and can be discussed in consultation.

Can I book fortnightly sessions?

I'm happy to work with whatever regularity of sessions you may find useful, however there are some points worth considering regarding frequency of sessions.


  • Once a week tends to be the ideal pace, allowing time to for personal reflection between sessions, while maintaining momentum and routine.
  • Most people find this to be the best value per session.


  • Some people find regular fortnightly sessions work.
  • If you find yourself working through material and reflecting on things between sessions then checking in fortnightly may work.
  • Some people find they lose momentum if having less than weekly sessions, making progress slower or more difficult.
  • As a financial consideration, this may be a more manageable monthly outgoing, but may not represent the best value per session.
  • I usually recommend considering fortnightly sessions after a period of weekly sessions, to gain familiarity with the therapy process before slowing down.

Twice weekly

  • More than weekly can speed up progress in therapy, but leaves less time for you to go through things between sessions.
  • Higher frequency therapy can be beneficial when working through certain types of issues, so if this is the case we can discuss this further in therapy or consultation.