How I work


The foundation of my approach is Humanistic (A.KA. person centred). This basically means that your experience of your life is the most important subject of therapy. You have the perspective and capacity to understand your world better than anyone else.

A key principle of this perspective is that everyone has the ability to move towards what's best for them, given the right conditions - the aim of therapy is to provide those conditions.

I'm here to help you explore and reflect on your situation, hearing your point of view with compassion, authenticity, and respect.



I work collaboratively. This means forming a shared understanding of what's going on for you - your current circumstances, what you want to change, and what's getting in the way.

My job is to help you tackle themes like these as clearly and authentically as possible, providing a safe and creative environment for growth and exploration.

I aim to meet you where you are - drawing on specific frameworks when useful, to help understand your current ways of being in the world. Integrating new understanding with your current worldview.



Building on a collaborative foundation, we can use specific theories and frameworks as tools to help understand your current ways of being in the world, and solve particular problems.

There are many therapeutic approaches that can inspire change and insight, depending on how you want to make sense of your situation, and what questions might provide satisfactory answers.

Some of the approaches I refer to are: 

  • Existential - How do you experience yourself in the world?
  • Narrative - What stories to you tell to make sense of your situation?
  • Mindfulness - What's going on in your experience of the present moment?
  • Meaningful engagement - How do you engage with your life and your endeavours? When do you feel worthwhile?
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - How do your thoughts, emotions, and actions interact with one and other?